Below a list of courses I currently teach or have taught in the past. I sometimes run courses or workshops also outside Freiburg, in particular on stats topics. Please get in touch with me if you’re interested in organizing such a course.

BSc /  MSc courses


  • Statistik – introductory statistics course for BSc science, using R.
  • Research Skills – an introductory course for MSc and PhD to scientific thinking and philosophy; design of experiments; reproducible data analysis and visualization; logic, clarity and style in scientific writing and presentation; and good scientific practice -> course website
  • Environmental modeling (Umweltsystemmodellierung) a course for MSc on working with large simulation models in environmental and social sciences – analysis, sensitivity, parameter estimation, uncertainty -> course website
  • Introduction to Agent-based modeling in NetLogo an introductory course on agent-based modeling
  • Evolutionary Game Theory – this MSc course is concerned with understanding when and why cooperative behavior between organisms (including humans) can evolve -> course website

PhD / postgraduate courses


  • Introduction to Ecological Statistics – what the title says
  • Introduction to Bayesian Statistics – a introduction to Bayesian statistics at the graduate and post-graduate level -> course website
  • Generalized Linear Mixed Models – course material from a recent course here.
  • Research Design – a crash course on design of experiments, statistical analysis and the concepts of validity.
  • Good scientific practice – anything from lab notebooks over plagiarism to author lists.

Soft skills