Unihaus Freiburg – how to get there

The Unihaus (official website german / english) of the university Freiburg is located at

Stohren 18
79244 Münstertal/Schwarzwald ‎

See large map

To get there by public transport, go to the website of the Deutsche Bahn and use as destination “Halde, Oberried-Schauinsland”, which is the bus stop most close to the Uni Haus. From there, it’s approximately 2.5 km walk to the house, which should usually be no problem, but if it’s necessary (rain or heavy luggage), we can organize a car to get you there.

Minimum travel times with public transport (may vary depending on date/time, check the DB website) to bus stop “Halde” from:

Freiburg main station: 45 minutes
Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg EuroAirport: 2 3/4 hours, either use train via Basel or bus shuttle to Freiburg main station
Frankfurt airport: 3 1/2 hours
Zürich airport: 3 3/4 hours
Frankfurt Hahn (ryanair!) airport: ca. 5 hours, use the bus shuttle to Frankfurt main station

Apart from the mentioned airports, also Strasbourg and Stuttgart might be possible, alas, less likely airports. Googleling “getting to Freiburg” might give you additional information.

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